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Spring always brings a season of fresh plants, flowers and crops to our communities. So, too, does your State Association Conventions bring something new. These annual events introduce innovative ideas, best practices and the latest technology, all collected during the busy days you share with your peers, suppliers and speakers. Of course, this new information is designed to help your business prosper while you serve you families better. Now, comes the hard part – you’ve returned home, and like most funeral directors, you’re committed to a 24/7 365 day-a-year career with few days off. So you step back into the daily routine; taking phone calls, meeting with families, putting out fires, addre

Honoring Our Veterans

Every year on Memorial Day, cemeteries, memorials and funeral homes throughout our country join together to honor those who gave years of their life for our safety and freedom. Since its origin shortly after the Civil War, this special day and the death care industry have been synonymous in memorializing these members of our country’s armed forces. For Memories By Design, the majority of our Tribute Videos with a military theme have honored those servicemen and women who served during WWII. However, that is changing. Just recently, in our community of Spokane, Washington, we lost one of the last remaining two local survivors of the attack on Pearl Harbor. That was nearly 75 years ago. Now, a


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