Change Can Be A Good Thing—Except When It Isn't

The beginning of a new year, time to make those resolutions—and stick to them—finally. When it comes to making a resolution about your business, be careful what you do and how you approach it. Getting your business in shape can be just as challenging as getting your body there but also comes with other risks. Improving your business and how you operate is a terrific goal but there’s a lot of reasons to first consider. In particular, when you don’t know what you are changing to and what its impact will have on everything else. I am a true believer that change, like death and taxes, is a part of life. The key is possessing the knowledge and resources to do it right. History has shown many busi

UPDATE: Overtime Rule—All But Dead?

The controversial Overtime Rule created by the Department of Labor under the Obama Administration is facing extinction. On January 24th, the Trump administration indicated it would kill any chance of reviving former President Obama's expansion of federal overtime pay rules, with a court filing suggesting that it may withdraw a White House appeal of a federal court's invalidation of the rule. The 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals granted the Department of Justice a 30-day extension to its motion to file a reply brief in litigation over the rule, giving the administration time to review the case. The new rule, originally scheduled to go into effect on December 1, 2016 was placed on life suppor


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