Motivation: It Starts with You

How many of you can admit to falling into a rut in your job? If you haven’t, either you’ve got a terrific business model and support or you’re fooling yourself. As we enter the last month of summer, we thought this would be a perfect time to offer some suggestions on how to motivate your staff - and even yourself. 1. INSPIRE Inspiration is critical to getting, and staying motivated. If you or your staff aren’t interested in your business, the motivation level will never be high and you won't be able to sustain interest for very long. Through positive communication and reinforcement, your staff will be energized and excited about the work you are doing, and the families you are helping. You h

Community Marketing: Does It Work?

It works, if you do it right... In an era when traditional advertising has become outdated and online marketing and social media are still being debated for its cost effectiveness, community service marketing still has its place in local municipalities across the country. Public service, charitable giving and community involvement have been around for decades, offering an opportunity to contribute to one’s community or cause but also getting credit for it and creating goodwill and positive exposure. In some cases, this is Small Business, 101. Yet, while giving back and supporting various projects has been around a while, many businesses including funeral homes, tend to forget or miss this lo


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