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Recently, I came across an article that referenced the prerequisites to be a funeral director. Besides the educational and technical requirements, additional key skills included time-management, interpersonal skills and compassion. Two of the three latter skills relate to working directly with people. This is the human touch of the business that is so important. It reminded me of what makes this career so unique and special - what funeral directors do every day, how hard it can be and the skills that are required to be successful. In order to embrace the responsibilities of the position, one must consider the necessary requirements of other jobs: Social Worker – The desire to help people is

Don't Wait Before It's Too Late!

As I get older, the reality of mortality begins to be more prevalent as older family members, friends and even celebrities I grew up with begin to pass. However, the conversation of one’s own eventual demise still isn’t water cooler or lunch time conversation – at least not yet. Yet, there appears to be a growing trend to taking a more direct approach to facing one’s death. From an introspective approach, reminiscing about your life, the things you did and the legacy you leave behind come to the forefront. Taking a page out of the national awareness campaign by FAMIC (non-profit arm of the NFDA), their Have a Talk of A Lifetime focuses on senior family members sharing their stories of their


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