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Preserve the memories. 


Honor the


Celebrate memories

from a lifetime of love.



Tribute Videos just for you! 

Life is full of wonderful memories. 

We believe in the importance of honoring the memory of a loved one.  That's why your Tribute Video will be completely customized to celebrate their life and legacy. 

You Customize.

Every Tribute Video Includes:


Scenery Selection


Photo Restoration

 Music Selections

Tribute Quotes

Custom DVD/USB Cover

How It Works!

You Customize.

Select the theme that best compliments your loved one.

You Send.

Upload your photos, videos, special thoughts and quotes.

We Create.

Using photo restoration and  special moves,we produce a custom video. Just for you.

You Love.

Share your video with family and friends. Treasure the memories always.

Tribute Video Styles

Showcase your Tribute Video with one of our two style options.

Each can be personalized with your choice of scenery, music and quotes.

Contemporary Style

  • Cinematic Styling

  • Modern Overtones

  • Traditional Gold Titles

  • Minimal/Classic Style

Traditional Style

Style Options

PocketBook Memory Tribute

Ulla's Display_cb.png

A lifetime of memories, in the palm of your hand...

Your loved one's Tribute Video loaded into a Digital Video Album, to share and cherish forever - for generations to come!


Don't let memories of the ones you love the most fade away... preserve them forever in a PocketBook Memory Tribute.

Easy-to-use, affordable and personal, this emotional touching gift becomes a family keepsake for generations!

option one

Scenery Throughout

Stunning video landscapes provide graceful transitions between your photos, providing moments of reflection and personalization to your Tribute Video.

Includes Photo Restoration on all photos


of Photos 



  6 Minutes

1 - 25 Photos

9 Minutes

26 - 46 Photos

10+ Minutes

47 - 71 Photos

Total Cost




Additional photos: $1.50 each

Video Clips (Home/Phone): $12 each

option two

Scenery at Beginning/End

Scenery selections grace the beginning and end of your video, while a photographic montage shares the story of your loved one.

Includes Photo Restoration on all photos


of Photos 



1 - 33 Photos

6 Minutes

34 - 46 Photos

9 Minutes

10+ Minutes

47 - 86 Photos

Total Cost




Additional photos: $1.50 each

Video Clips (Home/Phone): $12 each



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