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a Family Legacy

Honor and Preserve a Family Legacy through their own

"In the end, we all want to know is —

we all need to know is — that we mattered."

Personal. Emotional. Compassionate.

A powerfully emotional part of the end-of-life journey is the reflection of special memories that brought joy and happiness to that loved one.

As a sponsor partner, you now have the opportunity to provide a gift that is truly unique, emotionally touching, and valuable to your families through this end-of-life journey, and beyond

Memories By Design produces distinctive personal Life Story Videos using family-selected photos and video clips, blended with ambient music to highlight the people, places and events in each unique life, honoring the memories and celebrating the achievements.

Life Story Video Samples

Van Nyman Life Story Video

Eva Hallam Solberg Bruckner Life Story Video

Sponsor Partner Program


  • Offer added-value through a uniquely, personal family gift

  • Differentiate with personal reminiscence that bonds each family

  • Long-term marketing as a cherished family keepsake

  • Ownership and branding throughout, including the Life Story Video

  • No additional work by staff

  • Multi-purposed marketing tool (social media, events, in-house, etc.)

only $99

one-time charge

How It Works

The program is simple and turnkey, minimizing staff workload.

  • Just present the Life Story Video information to each family and they will contact us. 

  • We work directly with the family to produce their custom Life Story Video.

  • The completed Life Story Video will be sent to you for presentation to the family. 

Life Story Video Package:

  • 35 Photos, 2 video clips (home/phone)

  • Professional Photo Restoration

  • 2 Ambient Music Choices

  • Custom Moves

  • Optional Scenery, Cover Theme, Captions, Narration, Message

  • 2 DVD's with personalized Storage Cases

  • Free Shipping

*Sponsor Package (option to expand)

only $99

one-time charge
  • Honors and celebrates positive memories

  • Provides validation of a life well-lived

  • Reminisce through personal memories

  • Promotes conversation

  • Shareable with caregivers and family

  • Enjoyed independently or shared on large screen

  • Preserves a legacy as a cherished family keepsake

Life Story Video


Delivery Options

(48-Hour Turnaround)


  •   DVD (2 copies)                                                                          $99

  •   USB Drive (thumb/flash)                                                       $115

  •   Digital Download only                                                           $105

  •   PocketBook Memory (custom video player)*                   $125

           Sponsor Price covers the first $99

Add-ons and upgrades (additional photos, video clips, music, copies, etc.) to be paid by the family.

*Learn about the PocketBook Memory; 2-Week turnaround, DVD copy available within 48 hours,

upon request.


USB Drive

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Digital Download

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PBM DVD Case Pat Conley with USB
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only $99

one-time charge
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