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a Family Legacy

Honor and Preserve a Family Legacy through their own

"In the end, all we want to know is —

all we need to know is — that we mattered."

Personal. Emotional. Compassionate.

A powerful emotional part of the end-of-life journey is the reflection of special memories that brought joy and happiness to that loved one.

As a sponsor partner, you now have the opportunity to provide a gift that is truly unique, emotionally touching, and valuable to your families through this end-of-life journey, and beyond.

Memories By Design produces distinctive personal Life Story Videos using family-selected photos and video clips, blended with ambient music to highlight the people, places and events in each unique life, honoring the memories and celebrating the achievements.

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Life Story Video Samples

Van Nyman Life Story Video

Eva Hallam Solberg Bruckner Life Story Video

Sponsor Partner Program


  • Offer added-value through a uniquely, personal family gift

  • Differentiate with personal reminiscence that bonds each family

  • Long-term marketing as a cherished family keepsake

  • Ownership and branding throughout, including the Life Story Video

  • No additional work by staff

  • Multi-purposed marketing tool (social media, events, in-house, etc.)

only $99

one-time charge

How It Works

The program is simple and turnkey, minimizing staff workload.

  • Just present the Life Story Video information to each family and they will contact us. 

  • We work directly with the family to produce their custom Life Story Video.

  • The completed Life Story Video will be sent to you for presentation to the family. 

Life Story Video Package:

  • 35 Photos, 2 video clips (home/phone)

  • Professional Photo Restoration

  • 2 Ambient Music Choices

  • Custom Moves

  • Optional Scenery, Cover Theme, Captions, Narration, Family Message

  • 2 DVD's with personalized Storage Cases

  • Free Shipping

only $99

one-time charge

*Sponsor Package (option to expand)

  • Honors and celebrates positive memories

  • Provides validation of a life well-lived

  • Reminisce through personal memories

  • Promotes conversation

  • Shareable with caregivers and family

  • Enjoyed independently or shared on large screen

  • Preserves a legacy as a cherished family keepsake

Life Story Video


 - Available Delivery Options - 

(48-Hour Turnaround)


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Digital Download

USB Drive

part of Sponsor Package
first $99 covered by
Sponsor Package
first $99 covered by
Sponsor Package
first $99 covered by
Sponsor Package

*Personalized handheld video player

Learn more at

Add-ons and upgrades (additional photos, video clips, music, copies, etc.) to be paid by the family.

*Learn about the PocketBook Memory; 2-Week turnaround, DVD copy available within 48 hours,

upon request.

only $99

one-time charge
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