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a Family Legacy

Honor and Preserve a Family Legacy through their own

"In the end, we all want to know is —

we all need to know is — that we mattered."

Honor.   Celebrate.   Reminisce.

A powerful emotional part of the end-of-life journey is the reflection of special memories that brought joy and happiness to your loved one - the people, places and events; the experiences, celebrations and achievements. Those things that fulfilled and gave meaning to one's life.  

Now, you can bring those fond memories back through a truly unique and emotionally touching Life Story Video that can be shared and enjoyed while there is still time. 

Memories By Design produces distinctive personal Life Story Videos using family-selected photos and video clips, blended with ambient music to highlight  each unique life.


Your Life Story Video can be produced within 72 hours and delivered through several methods, some designed to be conveniently viewed and appreciated without bulky photo albums, equipment or assistance.

Life Story Video Samples

Life Story Video Logo 2.png

Van Nyman Life Story Video

Eva Hallam Solberg Bruckner Life Story Video

Life Story Video


  • Honors and celebrates positive memories

  • Honors Life Achievements

  • Uplifts the Spirit

  • Prompts Conversation

  • Engages family members and caregivers 

  • Stimulates the Mind

  • Creates a cherished Family Legacy

Ulla's Reaction as she receives her PBM.

*Custom Options include expanding to add more photos, video, music, delivery, etc.

Life Story Video Sponsor Package:

  • 35 Photos, 2 video clips (home/phone)

  • Professional Photo Restoration

  • Ambient Music Library

  • Custom Photo Moves

  • Optional Cover Theme, Captions, Personal Family Message

  • 2 DVD's with personalized Storage Cases

  • Free Shipping

Package Display DVD-USB DISC USA MArtin Riverwood.png


PocketBook Memory Logo_WHITE.png
Amira Perez LSV Celebration PBM Cover Riverwood.png
LSC IPhone + IPad Screen RIVERWOOD View Jack Harris.png

Digital Download

USB Drive

Package Display DVD USB Only RIVERWOOD Mary Edwards.png
2 DVDs
(Free, if part of
Sponsor Package)
(Sponsor Package
covers first $99)
(Sponsor Package
covers first $99)
(Sponsor Package
covers first $99)

 - Available Delivery Options - 

*Personalized handheld video player

Learn more at

Add-ons and upgrades (additional photos, video clips, music, copies, etc.) to be paid by the family.

*Learn about the PocketBook Memory: 2-Week turnaround, DVD copy available, upon request.

Contact Memories By Design to reserve your space in line
for your personal Life Story Video!

After You Register:

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  1. You will receive easy-to-follow instructions on how to select and submit your Photos, Videos and Personal Options.
  2. A preview of your Life Story Video and cover will be produced and sent to you for approval.
  3. Your completed Life Story Video will be delivered to your sponsor agency!

Questions? Contact us!

call.png             1-800-223-3050

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