Video Tribute Customer Order & Upload System

Introducing Instant Access 2.0

Instant Access 2.0, our Customer

Order/Upload system for your tribute videos!

We will be closed
Friday, December 25th to
spend Christmas with our families.
We will be closed
Friday, December 25th
to spend Christmas with
our families.

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!

Through Instant Access 2.0, you will find an easier navigation and quicker submission process along with more flexibility and options -  all with the intent to save you time and comfort when partnering to produce the highest quality tribute videos that make you and your families proud.


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Frequently asked questions


What browser can I use

You can use any browser to access Instant Access - we recommend either Chrome or Firefox. Downloading finished files behaves differently depending on which browser you use and it's default settings. We can always help you change those setting if needed :)

What if I need to access an order from the old software?

A limited history of orders is being transferred to the new software. If you need anything from before that we still have access to the information about every order ever done. Call us and we can get you whatever you need!

Why don't I get emails anymore with my online link?

Now you have access to the link you need from the same page you download your videos from. There is a column called Hosting which will have a clickable link to your video as soon as it’s ready.


What happens if I check Yes on the question “Would you like to be contacted when the order is complete?

As soon as your order is done, an email will be sent to notify you. If you’d like a phone call instead, please write a note indicating so.

What if you already have my logo made for the end of the video?

If we already have a custom tag for your videos, we will continue using it like normal. You don’t have to fill in anything in the Custom Tag field.

Photo Upload

What file types can I upload?

You can send us practically anything you can think of: Pictures, audio, and video! If you find something that gives you an error or won’t work, call us and we can arrange an alternate way to send us everything.

What if I need to add one photo after I’ve already sent a bunch?

Until we start work on your tribute video: You can add unlimited photos and arrange them all together on the photo upload screen. If a new photo needs to be organized into the fifth spot, simply click and drag the photo to the right place. When we work on the video we will get your photos in the right order. If we’ve already started working on your video: It’s not too late! If your video is “In Production” call us and we will arrange any changes before we complete your video. If your video is complete, you can re-open it from your Completed Orders page.

I added a photo to the uploader but I don’t see a thumbnail for it.

Some file types don’t show a preview thumbnail in the photo uploader. You can arrange it like normal using its file name, and it will still successfully be uploaded to us. *Call us if you have any questions regarding photo uploading.


Where do I download my files?

When an order is complete, it will be moved off of your front page. Click the Completed Orders button to see your entire order history, including your recently completed video. Next to the specific order you want is a down-arrow in the download column

There is a list of files for the video I want to download. How do I get them?

Click “Download” next to each file that you want.

Where did my completed files go when I downloaded them?

This software defaults to the download settings of your browser. Check your “ Downloads” folder on your computer and see if the files are there. *If you want to be asked where to save each file, that can be changed in your browser settings. Call us and we can help you find those settings!