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Life Story Videos for Families 


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What is the "Life Story Video"?

The Life Story Video is comprised of a collection of family-selected photos, home/phone video or personal video messages that highlight special memories. Each image can be supported by a brief caption that reinforces the story behind each. This may incude people, places and events from their past that elicit a positive remembrance and showcases personal achievements. Photo Restoration and custom moves are added to bring life to the photos while ambient music is blended into a background to create a smooth, flowing walk down Memory Lane. This emotional and captivating Life Story Video reaffirms the importance of one's life and those around them.

What is Photo Restoration?

This complementary professional service is designed to restore images to their near original look, when needed. This includes removal of water stains, dust marks, scratches, fading and other imperfections. This includes removing objects or individuals. if requested.

Can I use any choice of music in the Life Story Video?

Unfortunately, the short answer is 'no'. However, we have hundreds and hundreds of music choices available. You are welcome to use any of the hundreds of musical selections found in our Music Selections Library as part our free services, along with our Music Premium Library (MP) for optional choices as part of our services ($5/each). This covers a large breadth of genres and styles. Songs not included in our Selections Library and the Music Premium Library must be accompanied by a Synchronization License as part of US Federal Copyright laws. These laws require such a license in order to use copyrighted music that is owned by someone else (publisher, songwriter, artist). A Synchronization License allows you to mix music with visual images such as photos, home video or graphics. For example, you may purchase music from iTunes and play it as it is, but you cannot use that music in the production of any type of video. Here is the federal statute.

Tell me more about the PocketBook Memory.

Designed to be simnple and easy to use, the PocketBook Memory is a dedocated hand-held video player, full personalized on the cover with the name amd photo supported by selection option such as Cover Design Theme, personal family message and ambient music choices. Unlike a standard photo album, the PocketBook Memory stores video clips, allowing for sound and music to be enjoyed along with photos. Learn more at:

What kinds of photos can I include in a Life Story Video?

One of the most important parts of the PocketBook Memory's Life Story Video is the family-selected content - photos and video clips. We have produced a Life Story Content Guide to help you in the selection process. In addition, if you need assistance in converting your photos to a digital format, we have a Scanning/Digitizing Guide available. Other options nclude enlisting 3rd party services that offer photo digitizing services (Staples, Costco, Walgreens, etc.) or checking for online services. Each has their own advantages, costs and time frame. If needed, Memories By Design will scan for you as well. We offer scanning for the first 35 photos (or slides) on all paid orders. Shipping is not included.

How many photos or videos can I include in my Life Story Video?

Our Sponsor Package includes 35 photos and 2 video clips. However, you may include many more, if you sochoose. While the average length of a Sponsor Package of 35 photos and 2 video clips is around 8-9 minutes (depending on the length of the video clips), you can have as many as 300 photos and 20 video clips. Again, this will depend on the overall length. If you would like to include additonal photos, videos or song choices, here is a cost breakout:

  • Photos: $1.50/ each
  • Video Clips: $5/ each
  • Songs: $5/each *Music Plus Selections (MP) $10/each
Other special requests? Contact us for a specific quote. Email or Phone

Can you tell me more about captions?

Optional captions are available for the photos andv video clips. These brief descriptions reinforce the story behind each image of the Life Story Video. This may include name, dates and locations. No extra charge for the first 35 photos and two video clips.

How long does it take to receive my Life Story Video?

After submission of all content for the Life Story Video, we will provide a preview within 3 business days and send you an online link to view it. After the Life Story Video preview has final approval, it will be completed for delivery in the manner you request including storage case, typically 3 business days. For PocketBook Memory video players, it takes 12 business days for delivery.

My photos aren't digitized, so what are my options?

How do I get a home videotape in a Life Story Video?

Can I update the Life Story Video later?

How long is the Sponsor Life Story Video?

Can I order more copies later?

Can I expand the Sponsor Package to include more photos or videos?

What types of home video can I use in the Life Story Video?

If your video is not in digital form (i.e on videotape, film or disc), you can do ne of two things: 1) locate a 3rd party service in your local area (or online) to assist in video digitizing services, or 2) contact us to determine whether we can convert your video for you. Depending on the video format, we can do the digitalizing for you at a cost-effective rate. Once the video is in digital form, we can provide a link for you to send it to us via the Internet.