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It's easy to feel guilty for charging when you can't see the value you bring to your customers. Often, we become 'bogged down' in the day-to-day operations and lose sight of why we entered this profession in the first place - the responsibilities of which extend beyond the task-oriented breakdown of the GPL.


But what if we were to apply this perspective to another business arena, say, for example, the hotel industry.  Regardless of whether you're staying at the Motel 6 or the Four Seasons, you are, in essence, booking a bedroom with an ensuite bathroom.


   So why- if the points on the list are the same- are the prices for the "same" item so different?    


Service. Reputation. Quality.  


Look beyond the itemized list and see the true benefit- the true value- in the services you provide becomes quite apparent. 


It is not simply the providing "facilities and staff for a visitation," but rather the provision of comfort- the opportunity for the family to make their final goodbyes - without the burden of managing the logistics.


It's not "Transportation Services," but rather a welcome respite for private reflection between the funeral and graveside service. 


To families grieving the loss of a loved one, the genuine empathy and graceful compassion of your staff provide a service - a valuable service- that extends beyond the price point.


This may be your third (tenth or five hundredth) service this week/month/year... but to the families you serve, this service for is their Momma, GramGram… their Pop Pop, their friend… their child.


This is one of the worst days of their lives. It’s those unlisted extras not found on the GPL that make this day bearable for them… it’s those elements that allow them the freedom to grieve. For a family in pain, that freedom is priceless. 


And the last thing you should feel when you've been able to give a family this gift is guilt.


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