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PocketBook Memory Logo created by MBD Lo

pocketbook memory

for hospice care 

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Preserve your loved one's Life Story Video onto a

a PocketBook Memory. This video player securely protects your digital file, stores on a shelf like a book, and can be enjoyed individually or on a large screen

in a group.


Honor the memories and celebrate the achievements of your loved one. Then preserve them for future generations.

Initially designed as reminiscence therapy...however:

It is because of the effectiveness in engaging individuals and connecting families through mutual personal memories that the PocketBook Memory has been embraced at all levels of senior life.


For those facing the reality of memory loss, such as dementia and Alzheimer's, holding onto one's personal memories and family connections become one of the highest priorities. After all, it is our memories that define who we are.


Unlike other reminiscence therapy, the PocketBook Memory and enclosed Life Story Video are uniquely  specific to each loved one. Studies have shown individuals achieve a better mood, experience feelings of enjoyment, and are more apt to engage in social interactions with others. 


Custom Personalization

Cover Design Theme

with Name and Photo

Ulla's Front Cover Only sponsor.png
Ulla Open with Hands_COLOR 2.png

Personal Family

Message on the

Inside Cover

Cover Design




Speakers with

Volume Control

7" LCD

Screen Display


Control Panel

PocketBook Memory

Product Branding

As a Sponsor, you receive logo/

name and messaging placement throughout the cover including the 'Welcome"message for the

Life Story Video.

Sponsored Front Side- Pat.png

Your Name 

as Presenter

Your Logo on both spines

Your Logo on both spines

Cover Branding

Sponsored Inside Photo - Pat.png

Inside Cover and

Life Story Video Branding

Logo and/or

campus photo for "Welcome"

message in Life Story Video.

Interior Logo

on control panel

Entire Back Cover is available

for logo, photo and messaging.

Back Cover Branding

Sponsorerd Back Side - Pat.png

Whether designed for memory care or

end-of-life reflection, research has shown a variety of benefits for personalized digital memory therapy like the Life Story Video.

Digital Reminiscence Therapy


Intended benefits of digital reminiscence therapy include:


1) Increased sense of identity through a continuous narrative of life events.


2) Improved mood by reflecting upon positive past experiences.


3) Increased sense that one’s life has value by including personal achievements.


4) Specific memories that are kept alive, if not otherwise revisited.


5) Caregiver knows the individual better and provides more focused person-centered care.

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