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Top 10 Security Threats for Users

As we go into the holiday season, here are the top 10 things to be careful of with your email and online shopping...

Service Of Remembrance

As a funeral home, you have served many families in your community at the lowest point in most of their lives. Now you have an opportunity to continue assisting them...

Digital Player Program

Ready to replace your DVD player with a digital player?
No DVD burning or long download times, faster playback, easier transfer and better quality - Why wouldn't you do this?

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Expanding the Possibilities for You...

We have added quite a few new resources recently, designed to help increase your services to your families. More options, better technology, faster services, higher quality, and at a better price! Check them out...

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Giving Back

Like our customers, we’re a small business that believes in giving back to our local communities. Here in Spokane, WA, we’re proud to support our local programs that make our area better. This includes Hospice of Spokane (non-profit), Ronald McDonald House, Spokane Guilds School that supports children afflicted with neuromuscular disabilities, and the Spokane County Victims of Violent Crimes program.

For those who contribute to your own community, we salute you for your commitment. If you have a need for a promotional video that may support your cause, we would be happy to lend our video production expertise. The MBD Outreach initiative showcases the important work that you, as a funeral home and local business, do for your community.
With materials you provide (photos, videos, text, script), this video will promote and highlight projects or events your funeral home supports, whether a parade, a local club, a veterans program, or anything else.
Contact us to find out how we can customize a video for you.

MBD Outreach Initiative

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