Running a funeral home can be as daunting as walking a tightrope... 

Balancing the 'day to day' operation, looking for opportunities to grow... and managing family expectations can certainly be overwhelming...


...But it doesn't have to be!


In this 4-part blog series created specifically for the funeral industry, we will bring you the tips and tools to help you drive revenue and grow market share! 

Understand the Value You Create!

It's easy to feel guilty for charging when you can't see the value you bring to your customers...

Let's take a look beyond the itemized GPL and see the true benefit - the true value - of the services you provide become quite apparent!

People value what they pay for!

Contrary to popular belief, the selection of a funeral home has less to do with cost, and more about how the family feels about their interactions with the staff, their interpretation of the ‘atmosphere’ of the funeral home building/décor...

Not everyone is your customer... and that's okay!

When you take the time to define your target audience, your positioning becomes clear. Being the best in this niche market will eliminate your competition. You can’t be all things to all people.. be everything to the right people.

Find your market niche!

True competitive analysis can be one of the strongest tools for business growth you have in your toolkit, but can often be difficult to get started. Fear not! 
We’ve compiled four tips to help you get started understanding your business from the perspective of a customer.

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