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New branded USB drive option for Tribute Videos!

USB DVD for Tribute Videos

We are proud to introduce a new option for our Tribute Video customers: USB drives. This gives a funeral home a new, family-friendly option that their customers will appreciate, providing a Tribute Video in a more contemporary format.

“Today, most laptops do not have DVD players as a standard internal device. However, most have a USB port. Plus, tablets continue to rise in interest and use”, says Bruce Felt, President of Memories by Design. “The USB drive makes it easier and faster for families, and even funeral homes to access, share and play the Tribute Videos.”

We will provide funeral homes with a branded USB drive containing their name or logo. The USB drive will then be packaged in a convenient, protective case similar in size to a DVD case. This delivery method allows funeral homes to simply drag the file to the USB drive for a quick transfer, eliminating the time needed to burn a DVD. Funeral Homes customers who choose to opt-in will have easier access to the file itself, allowing them and their families the ability to upload the video to obituary sites, social networks or share it through any file sharing option.

“We will continue to offer the same great DVD options as before. Now, we’re just adding a contemporary option that will only continue to grow in demand. Our customers can now respond to these requests quickly”, Felt adds.

This new addition allows funeral homes and families to request a DVD, a USB drive or the combination of both. Designed for easy storage and protection, the cases can also hold the USB drive individually or both the drive and a DVD, combining both formats for a family to take home. While the funeral home’s name or logo will appear on the drive itself, the surrounding case will be personalized with the decedent’s name and picture similar to the DVD Cases currently provided.

To learn more about the introduction of USB drives for your funeral home and your families, contact Memories By Design at (800) 223-3050. Download our press release here.

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