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Honoring Our Veterans

Honoring Veterans Cemetery

Every year on Memorial Day, cemeteries, memorials and funeral homes throughout our country join together to honor those who gave years of their life for our safety and freedom. Since its origin shortly after the Civil War, this special day and the death care industry have been synonymous in memorializing these members of our country’s armed forces. For Memories By Design, the majority of our Tribute Videos with a military theme have honored those servicemen and women who served during WWII. However, that is changing. Just recently, in our community of Spokane, Washington, we lost one of the last remaining two local survivors of the attack on Pearl Harbor. That was nearly 75 years ago.

Now, as time passes, we are remembering and honoring veterans of more recent conflicts such as the Korean and Vietnam Wars, and even the War on Terrorism in the Middle East. To give recognition, we have now expanded our Military themes to better personalize our veteran’s association with a specific conflict and their branch in service.

In addition to our current WWII and Traditional Air Force theme, our new theme options include the Vietnam War, Korean War and Modern Military. The four specific branches of the armed forces include: Air Force, Marines, Army and Navy. These are now available in our Selections Library at Each theme includes scenery opens and closes, cover selections and music. Each conflict is highlighted by a depiction of their respective national monument while each branch’s official song or hymn is played at the beginning of each Tribute Video. All of the themes end with the very moving trumpet solo playing of Taps.

Memories By Design appreciates the opportunity to assist funeral homes across the country in celebrating the life and preserving the memory of a member of the armed forces. While the time served may be just a few years or several decades, the impact the military had on an individual lasts a lifetime. We’re humbled and proud to offer another level of personalization that carries the pride of a veteran.

Whether it be a significant holiday such as Memorial Day, Independence Day or Veterans Day, or just your average day, when you visit with families of U.S. servicemen and women, you’ll proudly have the ability to offer them a more comprehensive and personal option that truly depicts their dedication in service and freedom of our country.

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