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Service Of Remembrance

You all have seen those national awards show, right? The Oscars, the Emmys, the Grammy’s…

As you know, each year when such an event takes place, each take a moment to recognize those artists or contributors within the industry who have passed over the year. These memorial tributes not only contain wonderful quality production values but carry a strong emotional connection as well.

And as these photos or video clips are shown, and a familiar face is seen, there’s a moment of flashback of remembrance of that person performing. From a Robin Williams, Whitney Houston, Adam West or Glenn Campbell, we each have a bit of reminiscing.

As an industry ourselves, most state and national association conventions take a moment to honor those members who have passed with their own Service of Remembrance.

Now, while these artists performed under the biggest spotlights and association members have left their mark, there are so many more who made just as big of an impact in their own world.

I’m referring to members and families in your own community. As a funeral home, you have served many families in your community at the lowest point in most of their lives. Now, if you don’t do this already, you have an opportunity continue assisting them through your own Service of Remembrance service.

Like the tribute videos you provide your families at the funeral service, and like those national awards programs and the state association conventions, there truly is an emotional benefit you are providing these families. You are honoring their loved one by recognizing the celebrating their life. It may as simple as a name and photo, and it may be for 10 seconds or less, but the simple effort to keep their memory alive speaks volumes to their contribution to the people and world around them.

Recently, we produced to such events for customers. One was through their local church which holds a Mass of Remembrance for their members while the other one is an annual Veterans Day Memorial Service, complete with a Remembrance to Service event.

On a local level, for the past 13 years, Memories By Design has produced a Service of Remembrance video for the area’s memorial event that is held each year in conjunction with National Day of Remembrance for Murder Victims. This very emotional and sensitive program is highlighted with the memorial video playing with those photos of family members who lost their lives so tragically. Sometimes difficult to watch and experience, the simple recognition to keep a love ones memory alive provides those families with an opportunity to share in their grief and know that their loved ones are not forgotten.

Whether on national TV in front of millions of viewers, at a convention with thousands in attendance, or in a local church with community members, each is offering the same level of emotional value, support and recognition that loved ones deserve so their memory lives on

The manner and breadth of what your Service of Remembrance Service entails can vary, depending on your available resources. If you don’t offer this service but have an interest, contact us and we’ll provide you with tips, tribute video options and connect you with other funeral homes who offer this special service.

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