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Tribute Videos

Quality never goes out of style.

The quality your families expect. The service you deserve.
The difference to your revenue.

Funeral - Memorial Services

Memories By Design has produced over 220,000 tribute videos for families across the country since 2002. Unlike limited online software or in-house local editing, our high-quality Tribute Videos are hand-crafted by professionals with empathy and care.
Each Tribute Video is produced with the expectation it will be viewed and appreciated by future generations, long after the memorial service.  
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Increase Options
Grow Revenue

What makes Memories By Design Tribute Videos different is the professionalism, service,
and turnkey results of quality Tribute Videos that reflect your name and brand.

In addition, you will reap the additional benefits of higher revenue.  

  • Save on staff workload: decrease labor time and costs.

         ~ Option for family to scan photos.

       ~ No managing software - simply download and play.

       ~ No burning DVD's - multiple digital delivery options available!

  • A quality product that reflects your service and reputation.

  • Increased quality allow for increased revenue.

  • You set the retail price.

  • Conveniently expand your product options without additional work.

  • Differentiation through quality and care.

  • No contracts. No risks. No obligation.

How It Works

New Partner

Pricing Program

Introduce Tribute Video 

​Introduce to families and receive payment. Provide family with Memories By Design Tribute Video digitize photo guide.

How It Works!


Send Photos/Videos

Family delivers digital photo and video files for uploading or does so themselves along with information details and custom choices.

We Produce  

We produce the Tribute

Video and deliver the digital file by requested time.

You Present

Download and present to your family so they may treasure the memories.

Interested? Get Started or

Contact Us with your custom needs.


Tribute Video Styles

Showcase your Tribute Video with one of our two style options. Each can be personalized with your choice of scenery, music and quotes.

Contemporary Style

  • Cinematic Styling

  • Modern Overtones

  • Traditional Gold Titles

  • Minimal/Classic Style

Traditional Style

Now is the time to work smarter - not harder.

Additional Services & Options:
  • 24-hour Turnaround Guarantee (Orders under 50 photos)
  • 24/7 On-Call or Live Technical Support
  • Professional Photo Restoration for all images along with custom moves that focus on the story behind each image
  • Use of video clips (home/phone video)
  • Selections Library of Scenery, Music, Cover Designs and Quotes
  • Two Tribute Styles from which to choose: Traditional and Contemporary 
  • Delivery Options such as a USB drive, digital download, DVD or our exclusive PocketBook Memory video player 
  • Customized Branding for your name, logo and messaging​​

Are you ready to add value, increase options, and grow revenue - without the workload?

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